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Podcast - A Marketing Executive Who Pivoted Her Way to Paris with L'Oreal

On the Podcast today, Ahyiana sits down with Tiffany Plater. Tiffany is an Assistant Vice President of Marketing at L’Oreal. She has worked on many different brands under the L’Oreal umbrella, most notably, Dark-and-Lovely. She prides herself on fostering professional development for her team. She’s innovative, creative and has expertise creating and executing global marketing campaigns. In this episode you’ll here Tiffany’s story and how her career journey eventually led her to Paris. She provides tips and insight on how to manifest the career you want by strategically developing relationships in the workplace and having those difficult conversations with management.


  • Tiffany moved to NYC after graduating from Howard University. She had a degree in finance but knew it was the wrong major. After 3 days in NYC she landed a job a temp job L’Oreal doing administrative work.

  • Creating vision boards and believing in yourself is huge part of Tiffany’s philosophy. You have to put what you want out into the universe.

  • Don’t take for granted anybody that works at your company. There could be a connection or opportunity from befriending the janitor, cafeteria workers, receptionists etc… Everyone has value they can add.

  • Declare and be consistent with your intentions.

  • Working abroad and vacationing aboard are completely different; you must understand this before moving overseas for work.

  • There are many comforts that don’t exist in the country you’re looking to move to.

  • Self-care is really important. Make sure you’re treating yourself for all your hard work. Massages, vacations, etc…

  • There will be people that speak English abroad, but learning and speaking a different language at work meetings, typing work emails and writing presentations in another language is completely different beast.

The Takeaway:

You have to be deliberate with you career and life choices. If you’re looking for a promotion, or to change jobs/careers you must take the necessary steps to make it happen. You also have to believe it’s possible and put that positive energy out into the universe. Small steps can lead to big change overtime. Remember to be patient.

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