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How to Take Charge of Your Career and Excel in Your Role

Are you feeling stuck in your current role and wondering how to make your way up the ladder? Look no further than Tanika Cabral, a Vice President at The Coca-Cola Company. On the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast she shared her insights on how to take charge of your career and succeed in your current role.

First and foremost, Tanika emphasizes the importance of self-awareness. She talks about what skills and experiences you need to move into your desired position and create a development plan with measurable goals and accountability partners. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you; be proactive in your career progression.

Another crucial aspect of career success is managing your manager. Get to know your manager well and customize the way you work with them based on what resonates with them. In this chat the popular problem of micromanagement surfaces and Tanika suggests facing it head-on by having a conversation with your manager and proactively giving them the information they need.

When transitioning to a leadership role, Tanika advises being receptive to feedback and using it as an opportunity to grow. She highlights that we should focus on learning and growing in year one, making an impact in year two, and leaving a legacy in year three.

Overall, Tanika's approach to career progression is actionable and adaptable. So what are you waiting for? Take charge of your career and start making strides towards your goals today!


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