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Podcast - How to Be a Millionairess with Dr. Jewel Tankard

On this episode we are speaking with Dr. Jewel Tankard. She may be most well known for her family’s reality TV series Thicker Than Water, but Dr. Jewel Tankard is also a Financial Expert & Founder of the Millionairess Club. She is sharing much of what she has learned in business from how to diversify to amass wealth to what makes strong leaders. We also get into understanding making network marketing work for you, trading crypto currency, understanding how to embrace change to reach your maximum success.

What we are talking about:

  • Understanding the strength in being an investor as opposed to just a producer

  • How network marketing can work for you

  • Knowing when you need to expand a team

  • The difference between aging and growing in business

  • The relationship between money and mental health

  • How being on a reality TV show actually made her family closer

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