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Podcast - Lessons in Life and Leadership with Entertainment Executive Amy DuBois Barnett

On this episode of the podcast we hear from Amy DuBois Barnett, Chief Content Officer at The Grio. Amy is no stranger to making a Switch, Pivot or Quit but we’re talking about her current “Cool Career.” Having gone from working in finance to fashion, Amy found her sweet spot with writing. We talk about what it takes to be successful working in entertainment and her tips for how to differentiate yourself in media. During the conversation we dive into leadership advice, how to deal with difficult management in corporate, making mis-steps in your career and so much more.

Website Link:

What we’re talking about:

  • How she got into a career in entertainment

  • The crazy stories and interactions with celebrities

  • Making her own SPQ to

  • Doing what people expect you to be doing

  • Her thoughts on what makes a great leader

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