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Podcast - Why This YouTuber with 7 Million Plus Views Is No Longer Interested in Being a Paid Advert

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Kristen Turner aka Miss Kris a Los Angeles based Creative Director/Prop Stylist and Founder of Carpe Creative. She walks us through her journey from working on Hollywood sets with styling teams for Selena Gomez to dominating the YouTube DIY scene at 7.1 million views and ultimately launching her own creative agency, Carpe Creative. We dig into the career journey you’ll need a GPS to keep up with, but exudes fabulosity along the way.

What we’re talking about:

  • The journey moving to LA and finding your calling

  • Why she says that blogging is dead

  • The highlights of celebrity styling

  • Transitioning into creative direction

  • How she got an appearance on the Today Show as a YouTuber

  • What would have been useful to know before embarking on her current career

  • Her feelings behind being a paid advertiser as a content creator

  • Taking personal inventory

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