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Podcast - Learn How to Negotiate for a Bigger Pay Day with Kathlyn Hart

On this episode we hear from Kathlyn Hart, a Salary negotiation coach and creator of Be Brave Get Paid. She’s digging in and sharing all of the secrets that we need to negotiate our way to the top! Kathlyn is giving us what to say word-for-word when met with the dreaded, “What’s your current salary?” But first, we’re talking about her journey from working in non-profits and barely making it to dabbling in the architecture space and eventually following her curiosity to lead the life that she loves now. Helping women face their fears and take more control of their finances is a staple in Kathlyn’s work.

What we’re talking about:

  • How following curiosity can lead to the next opportunity

  • Creating the safety net to allow you to follow your desires

  • Sucking it up to move back home for an opportunity to take a chance

  • Utilizing your romantic relationships to help you mastermind

  • What to say when asked, “What is your current salary?”

  • Specific tips on negotiation conversations

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