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Podcast - Instagram, Influence and Mastering Your Story with Kelsey Chapman

On this episode we’re chatting with Kelsey Chapman. Kelsey is brand and business strategist who is passionate about equipping entrepreneurs to build their business, grow their platform and steward their influence. Kelsey shares how she went from doing mission work and living in Africa learning about NGOs to finding her real mission in helping women turn their dreams into profitable ventures that can allow them to live with both freedom in their finances and their time. We dive into expectations and failures as well as the realities when you learn Facebook and Instagram ads. We even dive into whether or not there are false promises in all of the “I made six figures in a month” ads that are targeted to you daily.

Kelsey's Website -

You can also listen to my interview with Kelsey on her podcast, Radiant Podcast! Click here.

What we’re talking about:

  • Figuring out what to do when the plan for your life no longer looks how you thought it will

  • Being forced to pivot from the non-profit world

  • Working 70 hour work weeks and a hustle on the side

  • Relationship with failure

  • The realities of navigating Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Keys to building an online community

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