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Podcast - Managing Your Mood, Day and Bliss with Wellness Expert Devi Brown

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Devi Brown, an author, Meditation Teacher, Veteran Radio Personality & Founder of Karma Bliss. We find out how she successfully made a pivot into the wellness space and even managed to become an author as Simon & Schuster recently released her book, Crystal Bliss—an essential guide for using crystal healing in the modern world. Devi shares her personal care must haves as well as how she cultivates moments of silence in her everyday. We chat about mixing passions and professions, working toward the calm so that normal things don’t stress you out and answering the question of what’s next in life.

What we’re talking about:

  • Facing the “what else?”

  • How to continue to evolve your life

  • Tips to get started with meditation

  • Being open to what the Universe has for you

  • The one thing Devi thinks there is no life hack for

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