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Podcast - Career Contessa Founder Lauren McGoodwin Shares Career Tips + Hacks for Millennial Women

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Lauren McGoodwin, Founder and CEO of Career Contessa. She shares how her early career decisions helped to guide her path. She earned her Masters in Communication Management where she wrote her thesis on Millennial women and career resources, which ended up setting the stage for Career Contessa. Lauren talks about the pivotal points in her career, her startup story of working with Hulu in the early days and what she did when she was passed over for a promotion. Lauren eventually created the career website that she couldn’t find when she needed it, one that helped with questions like: “how do I thrive in the workplace?” Listen in as Lauren gets real about what the first year of her entrepreneurship journey actually looked like, self-funding and all.

What we’re talking about:

  • Feeling guilty when deciding to make a switch

  • Graduating in a tough time in the job market

  • Working at a university and realizing that this could not be her life

  • Her introduction to recruiting through academic recruiting

  • She shares the pivotal moment where she found a new career

  • Loving her job at the early Hulu

  • Learn how the prototype for Career Contessa came to be

  • Why companies are going to need talent development and career development departments

  • Why it may not be the job, it may be you

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