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Podcast - Fab 5 +1 Join Us for a Convo on Career, Life and Friendship

It's the FINAL episode of the year!

The final episode of the year brings with it a little something extra special! On this episode I bring you a bit more into my world as I invite you into a candid conversation with my girls, my college friends also known as the Fab 5 + 1. Having known each other for more than 15 years in most cases, these ladies represent friendship at it’s best, sisterhood, and support through life when there is no road map. Listen in on this free flowing kitchen table conversation as the friends dish on learning life lessons from the early years, why you should not stay at one company too long in the current climate and so much more.

What we’re talking about:

  • Early career choices and how they helped shape our today

  • What clarity and manifestation can do for you

  • The role of friendship in a healthy lifestyle

  • How to cope with dramatic life challenges and still persevere

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Host transportation for this episode was provided by Toyota! I had the pleasure of experiencing the Avalon Hybrid Limited. Think of a mix of luxury and practical because this baby got great gas mileage and the interior had chic features like black wood grain detail and my fav, air conditioned seats. Yes, you read that right, so heated seats is one thing but to cool me down too! That's life right there!

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“I’m competitive when it comes to games, I try not to be competitive in life. What’s for me is for me and no person can take that away.” - Contasia

“Perseverance is definitely my strength. I don’t give up on anything in my life and I try to work as hard as I can.” - Trenika

“Everyone does have very unique talents, but how hard are they willing to work to see those talents flourish.” - Kristen

“Competition, I mean this in the most humblest way, I don’t see any. I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I mean that in a way that allows me to be focused.” - Tamara

“When you have a certain confidence in yourself and what you’re doing in your life, those types of things, seen on social media won’t bother you as much and it will help you redirect your energy.” - Sennie


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