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Podcast - What to do When Your Passion Changes Ft. Kenecia Lashae

On today’s show we’re chatting Kenecia Lashae, the creator of Passport 2 Pretty, beauty expert, and travel enthusiast. She is coming to us all the way from Nairobi, Kenya sharing how she merged her passions, went from being a freelance makeup artist in New York to becoming the Field Team Director at Milk Makeup before eventually redirecting her life and embarking on a journey that has literally taken her around the world. She has successfully merged her passion for travel with her passion for beauty. Kenecia gives a motivating and powerful breakdown on learning to let go, touching on everything from possessions to fear. Her travels have not only been great to look at from a social media perspective, but she has also gained skills that she will have forever like her Yoga certification, which she earned in Rishikesh India.

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What we’re talking about:

  • Strategic thinking that can help you merge passions

  • Walking away from a career for exploration

  • Following your gut and life’s timing

  • Learning to let go

  • Tools to help you mentally prepare for a big life change

  • Navigating struggles at the beginning of her journey in India

  • Looking at money as a tool

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“The more we keep things and drag it along, the more it makes our future harder to get to.” - Kenecia Lashae

“Life encourages you to let go at times..”- Kenecia Lashae

“You have everything you need because you are everything that you need.” - Kenecia Lashae


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