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Podcast: Get Your Goals in Gear for the New Year with Sharon Beason

On this episode we’re chatting with Sharon Beason, a business strategy consultant, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She’s giving us tools to help navigate goals and apprehension of a new year. We get into some sound advice and tactics that you can use as you plan to enter a new chapter in life from a personal and professional perspective. We’re talking everything from ways to empower yourself in business to tips for staying on track with your goals.

Sharon’s website Link:

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What we’re talking about:

  • What we’re talking about:

  • Insight on how Sharon approaches a new year and new goals

  • Tips for staying on track with your goals

  • Find out how she has a sense of calm when looking at her to do list

  • Tips for finding out what your core strengths are

  • Ways to empower yourself in business

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“Don’t allow your emotions to hinder you.” - Sharon Beason

“One of the key things to leveraging your core strengths is to quantify them.”- Sharon Beason

“Developing self-confidence goes hand in hand with knowing how to empower yourself.” - Sharon Beason


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