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Podcast: Talking Adulting with Social Media Strategist Brittney Moffatt

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast, host Ahyiana Angel chats with Brittney Moffatt, a Social Media Strategist and Content Creator as well as publisher of the lifestyle blog According to Brittney. This young professional regularly tackles topics that are facing young corporate climbers and she lends her voice as a tool to help them navigate the tricky waters of adulting. This is a must listen if you’re looking for tips and insight on making a big leap!

Brandi’s website Link:

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What we’re talking about:

  • Having the courage and awareness to make the first SPQ early on in life

  • Incorporating part-time work to help you navigate your way through your dreams

  • The effects of operating in a career that you don’t love

  • Tips to help you identify a career path that works for your personality and lifestyle

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“My advice for someone who is looking to transition [into a new career] is to always self-search and research.” - Brittney Moffatt


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