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Podcast: From Medicine to Matchmaking with Dominique Clark

On this episode host Ahyiana Angel has a lively conversation with Dominique Clark, a Certified Matchmaker, Best Selling Author, Relationship Coach, Radio host and owner of DClark & Company. The Hampton University alum found herself at a crossroads when she ultimately switched from medicine to matchmaking. Now she helps people improve the quality of their lives through relationship. Dominique shares about her tearful career confession to her mother and turning down acceptance to medical school and physicians assistant school to follow her heart as well as how she took initiative to create a relationship with Paul C. Brunson.

What we’re talking about:

  • Switching from medicine to matchmaking

  • Having the tough talk with your family about making a career switch

  • Creating personal benchmarks to help you make big life decisions

  • How the future decisions

  • Tips for embracing all of who you are

  • What dating on purpose looks like for ambitious women

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“I could not allow myself to invest anymore time or money into a career that I knew wasn’t meant for me.” - Dominique Clark

“When you own all of who you are, that is when you start to live!” - Dominique Clark

“I’ve gotta trust the process and gotta get comfortable and have peace with taking the stairs because my journey is different than someone else’s journey.” - Dominique Clark


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