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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat From Marketing Miss to Flower Gypsies with Gabby LaRussa

On this episode we catch up with Gabriella “Gabby” LaRussa, a Floral Installation Artist and Owner of the floral design company, Flower Gypsies. Gabby shares with us how she went from flower dreams to smelling the roses as a reality. Gabby’s known for being an early creator of cool with the infamous Instafamous flower walls that you see everywhere on Instagram from festivals to creative conferences. She shares what it took to make her SPQ, establish her brand online and offline as well as insight on her buzzed about campaign with Popsugar and Jeep.

What we’re talking about:

  • How she navigated doubt in following her passion

  • What a day in her life looks life

  • Advice for people that admire her career switch

  • How the collaboration with Popsugar and Jeep came about

  • What role building her site SEO played in her brand building

  • Her tips for stress relief and getting centered

“I would sit at work, and I would have like a question in my mind all the time like is this what life is?” - @flower_gypsies

“When you start working for your own dream, it’s not work anymore.” - @flower_gypsies

“In my life, success is being happy in what I do everyday and having everyone else around me feel the same.” - @flower_gypsies


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