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10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Podcasts Into Your Routine

From comedy to clarity, new voices are causing a buzz and established names are connecting with audiences in a more personable way, through podcasting. With top media outlets like the New York Times entering the space, it just may be your next go-to consumption source for news, knowledge and entertainment.

One in four Americans ages 12-54 listened to a podcast in the last month, and 57 million Americans are listening monthly. Notable Hollywood names are also getting in on the on-demand action dropping regular audio entertainment via their wildly popular podcasts. Some of your favorite business gurus and social media personalities like Gary Vee host shows packed with useful information proving that this is not your daddy’s talk radio. It’s time to listen up ladies.

I know, not another avenue of information vying to draw you in and keep your attention for blocks of time like social media admittedly does.

I recently broke away from it all and went for a solo ride listening to a few new podcasts in the super cute Mazda CX-3*. During my alone time I came up with my top ten ways that you can easily incorporate listening to a good podcast into your life regularly!

Pop it into your morning routine. Getting dressed in the morning can start to feel so blah. Add in a bit of flavor by putting on a podcast that can help you get your day started on a light comedic note or maybe even a positive vibe.

During your weekend clean up. Turn up your portable speaker or pop in your headphones while you’re sorting the laundry or scrubbing the tub. Why not bust a gut while you clean up?

While cooking up your favorite meals. Podcast listening is ideal for zipping through the kitchen, since watching TV requires too much attention and you may actually find podcasts to be a better companion than music.

Give yourself a reason to look forward to the work commute. Podcasts are a great way to energize your mind. You can educate or entertain yourself while on the train or stuck in traffic.

Sweat it out while you listen to them talk it out. Incorporate listening to a high-energy show - or a health and nutrition based program - into your work out routine.

Listen while enjoying a bit of self-care. A long shower or relaxing bath is the perfect time to catch up on a bit of entertainment or maybe guided meditation.

A little company while you eat. Tune in during a solo lunch break. Your time alone won’t feel so lonely and you can have complete reign over the conversation. Maybe even tune in to an educational podcast that can teach you a new language.

While you walk it out. Incorporate a new podcast into your dog-walking routine, or your solo strolling. You can listen to an inspirational podcast that will have your mind refreshed when your walk is completed.

Listen while you work. Plot and plan while you punch the clock. If you have ideas of breaking out of the 9-5 grind then listening to podcasts on personal or professional development are perfect. If the corporate climb is heavy on your mind then you can look to career related shows for tips and information.

Consume a little chatter while your head is in the sky. Whether you’re traveling to far off lands on a long flight, or just a quick getaway to a nearby city, bring podcasts on the adventure. It’s a great time to discover new personal journal podcasts. It’s like having a friend riding along with you telling you good stories to keep you company.

*2018 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring FWD with Skyactiv technology. Exterior color is ceramic metallic, interior color is parchment. #drivemazda

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