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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Karen Dimmick

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast we’re chatting Karen Dimmick who is the author of the international bestselling book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers, host of The Book Marketing Summit and co-founder of, where she teaches authors and entrepreneurs to write, publish and market their book. Karen takes us through leaving her first job out of University to strike out on her own to moving from the UK to the United States and having to start all over with her professional credentials.

Website Link:

What we’re talking about:

  • Growing up in Hong Kong, China

  • What it took to get her second business up and running

  • Tips for getting started writing your first book

  • Insight on changing careers multiple times

“When you’re not quite so passionate about it [career] it’s harder to stand up and say you’re good.” - @KarenDimmick

“We’re driven pretty much just like a computer, you put certain data in you will get the same result every time.” - @KarenDimmick

“What you find really easy is what other people struggle with.” - @KarenDimmick


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