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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Koereyelle

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat, host Ahyiana Angel catches up with Author, Mentor and Podcast Host Koereyelle. They are chatting about prepping yourself to be the whole package inside and out in order to live the life that you were born to live and so much more. You don’t want to miss this insightful conversation on all things leveling up personally and professionally.

What we're talking about:

  • How leaving a bad relationship ultimately opened the door to entrepreneurship

  • Working your side-hustle to make it work for you

  • The application process for applying to teach oversees

  • Koereyelle shares what she’s learned along the journey of personal development

  • Sharing tips on getting out of a professional rut

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“All good side-hustles don’t necessarily turn into good businesses.”- @koereyelle

“When you make your mind up about something…what you need is going to fall into your lap, if you’re open to seeing it.” - @koereyelle

“So many times I thought I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t what I needed.” - @koereyelle

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