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Podcast: How to Determine Your Value in and Outside of the Office with Nicole Garner Scott

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast by Life According To Her, host Ahyiana Angel chats with a dynamic business woman, Nicole Garner Scott, who has been in business successfully for more than twelve years and has likely worked with some of your favorite celebrities and social media personalities. Nicole goes in-depth on creating a revenue generating side-hustle, the things you need to consider to achieve success in business and so much more. If you can’t afford a business coach at this time listening to this interview for FREE is your next best option. You can thank me with a quick podcast review ;-)!

What we're talking about:

  • How to plan for a career as an entrepreneur

  • Determining your financial worth

  • Owning a co-working space in Atlanta

  • Why as women we undervalue ourselves

  • Breaking down the time-asset model with relation to coming up with your personal value and worth

Be sure to keep up with Nicole at @iamgarnerscott on Instagram and check out her sites and

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“I have never ever been afraid to play in the sandbox with whoever I could to achieve greatness together”- @iamgarnerscott

“You can never go into any relationship trying to figure out what can you get out of it, it’s what can you give to it” - @iamgarnerscott

“Analyze everything that you bring to the table and asses a dollar amount to that.” - @iamgarnerscott

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