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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Lucinda Cross

On this episode, Host Ahyiana Angel had the amazing opportunity to catch up with the dynamic Lucinda Cross who you may remember as a competitor on Centric TV’s hit show Queen Boss. She chats with us about transformation, the value of believing in yourself when nobody else believes in you and how persistence opened the doors for her to get her products sold in Walmart stores. Find out how she stays grounded and incorporates fun into her life as well as her tips for navigating change!

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What we're talking about:

  • The experience of being on Centric TV’s Queen Boss and the process

  • Being willing to fight for your personal and professional brand

  • What being persistent can get you

  • Being prepared when opportunity comes

  • How long it took to get her product in Walmart stores

  • Pushing forward to learn along the way

  • How her public speaking career started in prison

Be sure to follow Lucinda on IG at @lucindacross or at and find out about Lucinda's conference coming up in September

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“It’s all about the impression that you make on people.”- @lucindacross

“There’s a fortune in your frustration.” - @lucindacross

“Put yourself out there in such a big way and let it be known that you’re the best at it.” - @lucindacross

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