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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Aarum Hurse

On this episode, host Ahyiana Angel chats with Aarum Hurse, a Personal Chef and author of Culinary Cool – Everyday Food. She's also the curator of @lesbinthekitchen on Instagram. Aarum is all too familiar with the Switch, Pivot or Quit journey having gone from a ten year career in Reality TV Production in Los Angeles to now working in HR career recruiting for a food company in D.C. and cooking up all types of goodness.

What we're talking about with Aarum:

  • Living with an adventurous spirit, taking chances

  • How food inspires others

  • Fighting anxiety and depression

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“I do not want to live the same life 99 years in a row.” - @lesbinthekitchen

“The secret to embracing change is when everything is going wrong, change everything.” - @lesbinthekitchen

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