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Keep It 100 Success Challenge

The "Keep It 100 Success Challenge" came about after I read The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield. If you keep up with LATH on social media then you've probably heard me talk about it or share some good quotes from the book because it was the March Book Chat book of the month.

In Principal 26 Jack talked about "Acknowledge Your Positive Past." Often we are so laser focused on what we want to accomplish in the future that we overlook how far we've come. Jack encouraged readers to make a list of 100 successes they've had in their life. I immediately decided to make my own list.

I encourage you to join me in the "Keep 100 Success Challenge" by making your own list of 100 successes you've had in your life, from big to small be sure to include them all. Below you will find my list! I also talk about my experience with making my list on the latest "7 Minute Sunday" podcast episode below.

  1. Learned how to ride a bike with no hands in my youth

  2. Taught myself how to swim as a kid

  3. Member of my high school step team

  4. President of the Black Student Union (BSU) in high school

  5. Graduated from high school

  6. Graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing

  7. Completed a summer internship at Showtime Networks

  8. Completed a summer internship Game Show Networks

  9. Press secretary for the Black Business Students Association in college

  10. Jumped off of a cliff into a sinkhole in Mexico

  11. Never fell ice skating (first time skating was in my twenties)

  12. Accepted into the T. Howard Foundation summer internship program two years in a row.

  13. Learned how to snowboard

  14. Gifted myself a BMW coupe for my 25th birthday

  15. Planned my 25th birthday trip for twenty friends to drive to Mexico and celebrate for the weekend

  16. Talent PR for the Game Show Network Get Schooled Tour with former American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke

  17. Moved to Beverly Hills into my first solo apartment after college

  18. Left Los Angeles to move to New York, a city I’d always wanted to live in

  19. Managed the largest NBA All-Star red carpet in 2011, “T-Mobile Magenta Carpet”

  20. Planned and executed two successful NBA Rookie of the Year media tours for Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard

  21. Coordinated media for NBA Rookie photo shoots during NBA Rookie Transition Program

  22. Managed media and red carpet for six NBA All-Star weekend Celebrity Games

  23. Managed red carpet and half-time performer media for six NBA All-Star Games

  24. Worked six NBA Drafts

  25. Worked six NBA Finals

  26. Built the website for my first side-hustle business

  27. Co-created a buzz worthy jewelry line

  28. Beyonce wore a pair of earrings that I handmade in her video for the song Party

  29. The jewelry line that I co-owned was featured in Vogue Italia

  30. The jewelry line that I co-owned was featured on BET’s Rip the Runway

  31. Alicia Keys wore earrings from the jewelry line that I co-created

  32. Solange wore earrings from the jewelry line that I co-created

  33. Kim Kardashian West wore earrings from the jewelry line that I co-created

  34. Amber Rose wore earrings from the jewelry line that I co-created

  35. Jewelry line was featured on the Fashion Bomb Daily as a “Cool Online Find”

  36. Went parasailing in Aruba

  37. Snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea

  38. Volunteered with a group of friends to help distribute food and supplies to those displaced in the days after Hurricane Sandy through

  39. Packed food boxes for charity at Citi Harvest

  40. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

  41. Rode a bike in mid-town Manhattan during rush hour traffic

  42. Learned to cook a traditional family dish of gumbo

  43. Became a certified bartender in New York

  44. Completed creative writing classes through Gotham Writers' Workshop

  45. Pushed myself to participate in and complete three session acting class

  46. Participated in the 2012 New York Revlon Run/Walk

  47. Mentored multiple high school through college aged young adults

  48. Quit a coveted position at the National Basketball Association to explore other interests

  49. Volunteered as a mentor for the SEO program

  50. Completed my first manuscript in nine months while working a full-time job

  51. Created Life According To Her

  52. Organically grew the Life According To Her social media to 10k plus followers

  53. Drove from New York to DC to complete a writing bootcamp taught by Zane

  54. Secured a book publishing deal with New York Times Best Selling Author Zane, under her Simon & Schuster imprint to publish my debut novel

  55. Relocated from New York to London for just under half a year

  56. Traveled twice to my dream city, Paris

  57. Went to the top of Le Eiffel Tower and felt the wind on my face

  58. Visited the Louvre and laid eyes on the Mona Lisa in real life

  59. Rode solo in a cable car in Madrid, Spain ( I was nervous as hell at first)

  60. Navigated through Madrid solo for a weekend only using public transportation being a non-Spanish speaker (didn’t encounter many people that spoke English regularly)

  61. Lived in a hostel in London for eight weeks with five roommates sharing one big room (male and female). Totally out of my comfort zone.

  62. Traveled to Morocco just a year after looking at someone’s pictures from there wishing that I could make that trip

  63. Climbed up a rocky waterfall in slippery boots in Morocco

  64. Took a flying trapeze class at like Carrie on Sex and the City at the pier in New York

  65. Rode a camel

  66. Rode an elephant

  67. Survived a wild horse ride (it tried to kill me by trying to buck me off :-()

  68. Toured the Roman Coliseum in Italy

  69. Rode a gondola in Venice, Italy

  70. Visited Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England

  71. Hiked up the side of Arthur's Seat, a mountain in Scotland

  72. Went on the City of the Dead Tour in Edinburgh, Scotland

  73. Hosted my first mixer event in London in 2014

  74. Rode the London Eye despite not being too fond of Ferris wheel type situations

  75. Featured in Essence magazine online for my solo travels through Europe

  76. Taught myself how to use photoshop

  77. Produced my own six-city book tour to promote novel, Preseason Love, in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte and Oakland

  78. Preseason Love featured as Juicy Read in Juicy magazine

  79. Co-created and facilitated the Publish That Book workshop for aspiring authors

  80. Self-published my first short story ebook in 2015

  81. Attended the Sundance London Film and Music Festival

  82. Attended the London Book Fair

  83. Released my first self-published print book in 2015

  84. Reached #4 on the Amazon Best Sellers list in entrepreneurship books

  85. Created the first Beauty + Books events marrying books and beauty

  86. Featured author in Ebony magazine online

  87. Featured as Madame Noire’s Monday Madame

  88. Featured as Vibe Vixen’s Vixen of the Day

  89. Author interview on Good Day Carolinas

  90. Featured in article “10 Black Women on Instagram that Inspire Me to Live Greatly”

  91. By line with

  92. Taught myself to do all of my own video editing

  93. Create all graphics for Life According To Her

  94. Wrote treatment, directed and produced Preseason Love book trailer

  95. Curated six I Need New Friends brunches in four cities

  96. Completed 16-week Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) training program for small businesses and entrepreneurs

  97. Produced successful photo shoots for three jewelry collections

  98. Rode 97 miles on Highway 1 along the California coast clutching my seat

  99. Launched the Life According To Her podcast

  100. Created #popofclorpodcast, the first interactive digital directory featuring 100+ voices of black women in podcasting

In a way I feel like this is a vague outline of my life story haha! Tag me on social media or email me to check out your list from the Keep It 100 Success Challenge.

Keep Killing It!

Ahyiana Angel

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