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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Maria I Melendez

Maria I Melendez of Embrace Her Legacy followed her calling to do something greater. Host Ahyiana Angel chats with this savvy New Yorker about feeling unfulfilled in her day-to-day working in the music business and how a friend shook her up questioning her on what she would do next. Maria also shares her strategy for her personal Switch, Pivot or Quit transition offering insight for those looking to walk away from a job they can no longer stand.

What we're talking about:

  • Trusting the process

  • How your journey will impact you

  • Knowing when it is time to make a move

I always knew that I wanted to live my life in purpose, and I was willing to make the sacrifices to go through a period of the unknown or discomfort to essentially live the life that I want to live later down the line and I can say I fulfilled my purpose. - Maria I Melendez

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"What you do in private determines public performance." - @EmbraceLegacy #LATHpodcast #popofcolorpodcast

"Fear is like this bully that bullies you in school and one day you have no choice but to stand up for yourself and fight." - @EmbraceLegacy #LATHpodcast #popofcolorpodcast

"What I've learned in the last five years is that I needed to first become the woman I needed to be in order to do what I've been called to do." - @EmbraceLegacy #LATHpodcast #popofcolorpodcast

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