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Influence Is Like Monopoly Money

Daily, people experience social media envy, which sparked popular YouTuber Miss Kris to declare that "Being popular on social media is like being rich in monopoly money." Her comment, posted on the @SwitchPivotorQuit Instagram, sent the comments section a buzz. Host, Ahyiana Angel, gains insight from Miss Kris and seasoned blogger Danielle Gray on what it takes to be a social media influencer, cultivating an audience, and the benefits of having a small social media following. You don't want to miss this chat on the business of social media and more where the ladies keep it candid.

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What we're talking about:

  • Insights on the game of social media influence

  • The importance of cultivating an audience

  • Is authenticity and simplicity the next phase of blogging and social media?

  • We tackle the topic of the 9 to 5 still being real life for many

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"It's like walking around the mall with a fake Louie Vuitton purse, it looks good but it has no real value." - @misskristagram

"Susie has a million followers, but let's say 650,000 of them are guys that are there to only look at Susie's booty!" - @stylenbeautydoc

"Your followers and all of that sort of clout is fake because you're not able to capitalize off of it..." - @misskristagram

 Hey girl. Hey, and thanks for dropping in to the Switch, pivot, or quit podcast. Candid convo for the girl needing a lifestyle plot twist when she's deciding if it's time to switch, pivot, or quit. I'm Ahyiana Angel, a former sports entertainment publicist in New York City. Turn, traditionally published author with Simon and Schuster, who quit my old life to write a book live in London for a bit, and explore my dreams, to find my happiness and.

I'm here to help encourage and guide you through your plot twist years as your chief encourager and host of the Switch, pivot, or quit podcast.

In today's show, we're gonna touch on a topic that caused some good juicy commentary. The post that I posted said something along the lines of this being popular on social media is like being rich in Monopoly money.

The ladies you're about to meet. I consider them very knowledgeable women. And actually for the purposes of this conversation, I think it's important to note that both women on Instagram, More than 10,000 followers. All right, so on the line with us today, we have Miss Chris, who is the affordable luxury Queen and tubing, big hair beauty with more than 2.5 million views.

And then we have Danielle, who is a fashion and beauty consultant, as well as a freelance writer and creator of the Style and Beauty Doctor blog. So welcome to the show, ladies. Hello. Hey, so Ms. Chris, we are going to start with you. I want you to tell us, yeah, what was your thought process when you made the comment that said being popular on social media is like being rich in Monopoly money?

Well I saw your comment and I would like to thank you for having me on because I feel like I need to explain myself. I. you know, having lots of Instagram followers, it can be fake like Monopoly money. It can also be like walking around with a fake Louis Vuitton purse. Okay. But let me sort of back up, I think and give the lead in the context to which I said that I believe the conversation we were talking about had something to do about just the facade and the smoke and mirrors of Instagram.

Right? Right. So you follow. These influencers or people with these huge accounts, like huge numbers, and you're seeing their fantastic and fabulous photos, and that's their highlight reel and they're putting it out there and you're following and buying into it.

But because I know people and. Following and knowing things I know then sometimes the back end means, you know, maybe some bills aren't getting paid or things aren't always as they seem financially, and so I was talking about folks not being able to translate. Followers like engagement into coins.

That means, in my opinion, that your followers and all of that sort of clout, it's, it's fake because you're not able to really capitalize off of it, which for many of us as a business, like that's what we're here to do. So you can't turn your followers and your engagements and your like and all that kind of stuff into Instagram into a viable business.

Like what good is it? It's like walking around the mall with a fake Louis Vu. Purse. It looks good, but it has no real value. Ah, okay. That's what I meant by, I was gonna clarify. Some people had misconstrue what I was saying. Baton, she said, don't carry baton. Don't try to play with that. Don't try. So, Danielle, when that comment was made,

what were your thoughts on the topic I totally agree as I do with many things that Ms. Chris says. It's funny because not too long ago, I wanna say maybe it less than two years ago, I read an article on, it was online,

it was an actual reputable site, and they did a story on people who have large YouTube followings that could be anywhere from like, , over 200,000, 300,000, maybe even over a million followers. And these are people who like, they can barely go outside because people are like, oh my God, it's you.

I love you, daddy, yada. But these people still. And, and when I say still work a regular job, I'm, I'm not saying that like I'm talking down on anybody cuz shoot, I worked a regular job for, you know, more than a decade. So there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a regular job, but, What this article was talking about was the fact that these people had like all of this fame on YouTube, but then, you know, they would go clocking at their regular job and they could, you know, bear, they could barely do their job or like their managers or whoever were complaining because they would be so much disruption because their fans were showing up and the same people would try to monetize.

But the audience would get kind of like hostile with them because anytime they would try to do an ad, they would get upset and like, oh, you know, you're not being real. You know, this is not the content I'm used to getting from you and, why are you selling out? And, you know, those type of comments.

And then one thing I really took away from that was like, wow, this person has a lot of people who love them. But they haven't really had a chance to cultivate their audience. So yeah, I read a lot of articles on influencer marketing cuz you know, I like to keep abreast of what's going on in the industry.

And I think a lot of things that, , not only influencers but brands as well get misconstrued a lot, is that they'll see somebody with a million followers and they're think like, oh my God, that's a home run far brand because that's a million eyeballs. That's a million people that trust this influencer love.

You know, want to hear what this person has to say. But I think what happens is when that audience is not cultivated, who knows what these people are interested in. So it's. You know, you can be throwing out some kind of messaging there. You can be putting some sort of ad or something that you're trying to monetize, but then it doesn't work because then it's like, okay, so Susie has a million followers, but let's say like 600, 650,000 of them are guys that are only there to look at.

Susie's Booty doesn't add for a lipstick company. That's more than ever audience that's not tuning in for that. So I really think that you know, people aren't really cultivating their audiences and I've heard other influencers say, well, I don't have a hundred thousand followers and I don't have this, and you really don't need it.

What you really need to do is cultivate your audience if you target a certain niche. That right there, you could have 5,000 followers, but if you are really engaging with your audience, the audience engages with you. If you are talking about like, I don't know, green jackets all the time on green fashion and all you took about is green fashion, even if you have like a thousand thousand, 3000 followers, those people are really engaged with you.

Mm-hmm. You can probably monetize more than than Susie who has a million. More than half of which are guys that like look at Susie's booty. Right. Well I think the engagement key in everything you said, I think the engagement is really the key word. And I wish I could like just shake brands and really get them to understand that.

But like I did a collaboration one time with the YouTube star and she is like a huge following. I mean like mine was like peanut compared to the following she had. But you know how brands be tracking everything with their little bit, they links and whatnot. And when we went back and looked at everything, my smaller audience, because we as homies like that over there on

Chris, we actually drove more eyeballs to their website than the other girl that I collaborated with. So it just really has to go with engagement and I think that's key and I wish brands would understand that. . I'd rather have 10 dope homies that you know, like what I do and I can provide them with good.

Content and we can just live happily ever after. So it's about, being targeted and it's about also having influence. I know Danielle, you mentioned that word influence, and I think that people use that term loosely and that's how a comment such as Christians can be made because everybody wants to call themselves an influencer, especially once they reach a certain.

Status, let's say, on any social media platform, then they are perceived as, or they might perceive themselves as an influencer, but the true meaning behind and the true strength behind being a a real influencer is that you can say, I just bought this, or I just use this product.

I. And it's flying off the shelves, right? That's it. It's the best example is Oprah. You know, Oprah is an influencer at her core. So if Oprah set commands a certain amount of money to do a deal with a brand, they're gonna pay her what she's commanding because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt, she's proven herself that she has influence, right?

So you may have someone that is on Instagram, let's say Instagram, because that's where a lot of us play. You may have someone on Instagram that has a hundred thousand followers, but if they are not in the business of talking to their. A certain way, or if they don't have anything to sell, if they don't have anything to move units with, if they're not collaborating with anybody or doing anything, all they're doing is being cute and taking pictures, then it is monopoly money.

Right? Because it won't translate. Especially if, let's say this, You've been having a presence on an Instagram account for a year plus two years plus, you have a huge following, but you've never tried to sell them anything. You've never talked to them about buying something, doing something, and, and had any type of call to action.

The moment you start trying. It might feel inorganic. You have to still manage to be authentic with it. It might feel pushy. It might feel gross, actually. So then at that point, it is monopoly money because now you can't sell anything. You can't move any units. You have numbers, but you don't have influence.

First of all, can I just say like, I hate when people call themselves influencers. It annoys me like I just feel like. I shouldn't call myself an influencer, even though I know that's the term and that's what we do. But I just feel naturally, someone else should call me an influencer. Do Yeah. It's sort of like expert, like, yeah. Someone else should be tooting your horn, calling you an expert, introducing you as an expert, introducing you as an influencer. Yeah. And you, you just do what you do. Yeah. I'm a content creator. Yeah, like that's it. So let's hop into some of these social media comments.

We have comments both from Instagram and Facebook, and the first comment comes from Instagram. The first comment says, disagree. There are so many opportunities that can be monetized by having a large following and being an influencer.

But she did put influencer in quotes. See, I think she would change her answer to agree if she'd heard my. Lead into it because Absolutely. I agree. If you are a, I'm using my air quotes influencer, and that's the way your bank account and your, Instagram and everything is set up, then cool.

Yeah, I would agree as well. As long as your audience is cultivated, then, you know, obviously, you know, having a million followers, if I had a million followers, the way that I have my, the, the 22,000 that I have now on Instagram, if I had a million of those same type of follow. Of course, like, that'd be amazing, right?

But unfortunately, what happens sometimes is going back to some of these articles that I've read before sometimes when people who have a lot of followers, sometimes people follow because you have a lot of followers and they're like, oh, you know, what's going on? Why are people following this person?

So you get a lot of that and a lot of people who may not be totally into the topic that it is that you talk. But if you have a specific niche, like say, like makeup or fashion or something like that, nine times outta 10, your audience is into that, right? But if you're someone who say, you know, I like to follow a lot of the online comedians that make like the really funny videos and things like that, those people I love to watch because I love their content.

But sometimes they may put out ads that don't necessarily relate to me because, you know, everybody can relate to laughing or you know, jokes and things like that. But not everyone's gonna relate to, let's say, you know, a men's shaving bomb or women's tampon or a new sports car, right? So you really have to have your audience cultivated.

But that's a really interesting point that you bring up. Like the flip side of that, the audience, because I'll never forget, like, you know, I was in New York one time and I was sitting on the subway. I was sitting next to this girl who I had never really watched someone scroll through their Instagram before and like studied it.

And this girl seemed to have a lot of photos. She was getting caught up on whatever, but she was just scrolling, just scrolling, scrolling. Mm-hmm. Never stopped, never like, Never really even paused. She was just like scrolling. And I was like, is she even like really looking at the photo or taking in?

So I'm assuming she probably follows a lot of people. Mm-hmm. And her engagements probably low, like her interaction with these accounts was probably low. She was just following just the look, you know? That's the whole other. Flip side of the coin, you know, because it's not always like, I'm not just here to say like, it's like the influencer's fault or whatever, but that's the flip side of the coin.

Sometimes you do get these audiences, for whatever reason, that are just there to look, and that's super unfortunate. Right, right. And and it's funny that you should say that about the way people scroll because I noticed that from, I have a niece and nephew who were in their early twenties and I watched them go through Instagram and I'm like, hold up, you just broke.

That's one of my pictures. You ain't double checked. Go back. Right. But they people, some people really do look at Instagram differently, like the, you know, the girl that you mentioned, my niece, and. They're like breathing through their timeline and their feed. Whereas me, I follow people I really wanna follow.

I can't follow a lot of people because. You know, there's just certain things that I need to see in my feed and certain things I do not need to see in my feed. Mm-hmm. So when I actually go through my feed, it's people that I might know in person in real life. Yeah. But there're people whose content I really loved.

I'm like going through reading the caption. Yeah. Does this happen? Leaving comment like, I'm all in. I have had a mentee and altercation with a friend. Okay. Who realized that I wasn't following them. Instagram, but specifically for Instagram, I try and keep it work related.

So if you posting the same photo that I already see on your Facebook page where I already follow you friend, like I'm not gonna follow you on Instagram. Sorry. So I don't have a lot of people for that specific reason. Like I like to look at my feed and be inspired and like you, I like sweat through every photo and I click on a link and I'm all up in the captions and it takes me to the next page that maybe I find inspiring and I start following.

So if it's just the baby photo, like I saw it on Facebook, like we. You know, but that's the difference also between people that are using Instagram and social media for business and people that are using it for pleasure. Sure. There's a huge divide in that space. And I think that's the other thing that sometimes people don't account for.

Just because someone is on social media does not mean that they're looking to buy from you or to entertain whatever it is that you may be selling. Whether it be you're selling yourself, you're selling a third. Product, whatever it is. Instagram and its origin was not started as a marketing tool, right?

It became a marketing tool because marketers saw the value and they saw where they could tap into people that had this perceived influence because they gained all of this, these eyeballs, in some of them a very short amount of time, but in its origin, it was a photo sharing site for real. One thing I will say about Instagram that I do admire.

And it could also be the fact that I engage a lot with the content that comes through my feed. I don't know how this might work for the people like my niece and nephew and the girl that was sitting next to Kristen on the train, the scrollers, how that might work out to them. But since I engage with my content, So much on Instagram since they started putting the ads.

Some of them I've been like, okay, why is this in my feed? But a lot of those ads that come up in my Instagram feed are things that I've either, you know how now you could save on Instagram.

There've been a lot of ads where I've, I've saw something and I was like, oh my God, I need to save that for inspiration for later. Or something I've actually bought because of the ads that are on Instagram. So I'd have to say that the way they're able to tap into the way that the type of accounts that you engage with and the type of content you look at and try to pair it with, a product.

I think that's amazing too,

it's because Instagram is owned by Facebook, and Facebook actually hired and has these marketing companies that they work with to basically target to help the, to help the Facebook ads community better, target their ads. So there's a whole, but you wanna know something. The funny thing is, and I don't use my personal Facebook as much as I do.

I'm usually on my style and Beauty doctor Facebook page more than I am on my. Danielle Gray Facebook page. But anytime I've actually gone through Facebook, my Facebook ads are just like a mishmash of like, look, maybe this will work, maybe it won't. I've seen, so like, I feel like whatever company that that Facebook has used to for their Instagram ads doing a much better job than as I see on my Facebook page.

And again, it could come back down to the fact that I don't interact much on my personal Facebook. Why my ads just seem to be like all over the place. Right. So they're probably able to gather more information from you. Mm-hmm. In terms of you as a user. From Instagram versus Facebook. So I wanna, I wanna read a comment from I'm gonna say her name, my candy shop, because she is out here.

Oh, yeah. She's a blogger. She's, she's in this space. So I don't think that she would mine us reading her comment because, hey, she's public. So my candy shop said, being popular with a large following does not always equate to being engaged with your audience, which is what a lot of companies are looking for.

A hundred thousand followers, but only 300 likes. And two comment. Hella popular with zero influence. So she definitely, or they bought, they following or, or some alternative. Alternative facts, right? Alternative followers. That's another thing. That's another, and that's another reality. When we are talking about the monopoly money, a lot of people.

Aren't owning the fact that even some people that have huge followings now, they're not owning the fact that at some point they bought a portion of their following and then it was able to grow. Because just like you said, Danielle, sometimes people just follow because they see a lot of other people following, so they, lot of other people following.

Exactly. So their audience is not true through and through. Mm-hmm. A portion of it is purchased and a portion of it. Organic, let's say. But then, but then that goes back to our point on cultivating your audience and like having them prepared to do the type of business you wanna do. If you've bought a bunch of followers who then only got you more followers because they're following you, cuz people are looking, nobody's really participating in the right, in the finance of the business.

So what good was that? Right? Like I said, I will take 10 strong homies that we can develop a amazing relationship and have a good Instagram vibe going. Been a whole bunch of fuga. Mm-hmm. Right. And you know what to to, to that point. And, and this is something that, cuz I, I feel that there's a shift in blogging that happened.

Well, there are many shifts in blogging. I've had mine blog for 10 years this year makes 10 years. And there've been a lot of Thank you. There've been a lot of shifts and, you know, blogging, I, I started when blogging was something where people were so excited about the fact. There was people who looked like you and who talked like you and who shopped at the same places as you were online talking about the things that you liked.

So there wasn't, you know, this need for like, these highly styled photos and, and things like that. Then, you know, next wave was, you know, the highly styled photos . And it was kind of mirroring more of what the magazine industry was doing. And , I think it progressively ticked up where it was like perfection was the trend in the name of the game.

Mm-hmm. And social media where it was kind of like, I wound up following an unfollowing. A lot of bloggers who, I didn't really relate to them, but I loved their imagery. And, you know, as somebody who, is a fashion lover and somebody who just was a visual person. You ain't gotta look nothing like me or have anything that I can even afford if I like doing the image books, like, you know, I might be interested in, in following you, just with a visual.

But yeah. And I think that people started to get really tired of vets and I would see a lot of posts from a lot of my fellow bloggers where they were kind of just like over the perfection and. Then Snapchat came out and Instagram stories and people realized that, you know, you could, show all kind of facets of your brand from the, very polished Instagram to the off, off, off duty of Snapchat.

And for me, I kind of felt like, like I wanted a happy medium. I've always wanted my personality and for me to shine through and my post because, everybody's a beauty blogger out there. And what gonna differentiate me from anyone else who is a beauty blogger is that I'm mean, that's my power.

You know what I mean? So I think. Within the last couple of months as I was trying to plan out, how I wanna go with my content for 2017 and where I wanna go with my branding, I kind of went towards a back to basics approach, like, mm-hmm Okay, why did I start blogging and you know, this is why I wanted to do it.

This is what I enjoyed doing and I wanna be able to teach people beauty but then I also, and this also comes from getting older, cuz once you hit 30, you hit a high level of I don't give a, about what people think about me. So there's a lot of that in. And so, you know, just to back back to Kristen's point, she'd rather have 10 solid homies. I'm so the same way. Like I wanna create content that I love, that I know the people who. Show out, like people who come to style and beauty doctor events, people who leave comments, people who double tap things that those people love and that's who I'm catering to as opposed to trying everything to try to please right everyone, when that's just impossible.

That's tough. And actually for me, I, I, I guess I kind of came into the same realization, but for me it was actually a follower that said something just cuz I was at a point last year where I just needed to take a little bit of time. So I let my audience know like, Hey guys, I'm like going away for a minute.

Not like going away, going away. I was still in my house, but like I needed to take care of some. Organizing and personal things in my life. And one girl left this comment, she was like, well, you know, we just here, we're here for quality, not necessarily quantity, so we'll be here when you get back. Mm-hmm.

And I wanted to cry and then like, Side eye a little bit. Cause I was like, wait, am I not putting, am I just, when I do quality or quantity, are you guys not into it? Like, but it made me sort of like, I was thankful, but then I questioned the whole, like how I was producing this content, you know?

And like you said, I just wanna be me and real and authentic and when I have something dope to say or something fab to share like I do. And when I don't, like my audience knows I'm probably sitting on my couch in like a cast hand and like we, that's just how we operate, you know? It's a cocktail, honey, all your fabulous glory.

Right. To be fair, I'm still, I'm sitting right now in my pajamas with a glass of wine. Okay. So they know what's up. Like it's what, it's that's true. But, but the, I think the authenticity in bringing that back. Will serve people a lot better than trying to be like everyone else that you see out there doing everything else that everyone else is doing.

Mm-hmm. Cause I think people's attention spans are becoming short-lived for the perfection, for the fakery, for the just. A lot of it. Okay. We, we got a lot going on right now in America. We need truth. No alternative anything, so, yeah. Right. Exactly. I think that's just where probably we have just switched our opinions to Yes real, give real, yeah.

Touching back on the facade of things and the lack of depth in how people, are creating these images online that you can't necessarily connect with all the time. One of our Facebook comments actually said in response, Kristen's comment, she said yes and no. That's her feeling whether she agrees or not, yes and no.

Mm-hmm. So she mm-hmm. She's in, in the middle. She says yes in that sometimes the online version is such a fabricated version of the person that they end up being different people. I have literally met some friends. She uses her quotes, oh, some friends in person and thought they ought to have been slogged.

Oh. Or awarded for their staging photoshopping slash filtering games. Oh.

Right. She ain't coming to play. No. She says, I would not have recognized them if I was being paid to do so. Whoa, whoa. Hey, wow. And then she said, no, she doesn't agree in the fact that followers equal revenue. Many instances. So that's pretty real. So she's saying that she can see both sides of the coin because she can see where people are so fake and not genuine enough that if I can't even recognize you in real life, I know that you can't potentially be doing anything in real life of substance that's equating to what she's saying.

Did she name, name, let me stop. I'm just kidding. I mean, I think that's, wow, that's unfortunate. Have you ladies ever come across or met up with anyone in real life that you had been online friends with, their social media friends with and they didn't match up to their profile? No, I've never been Catfish that I can really think of off the top of my head.

Like, like, like that. I mean, but I will say that like, I've met people that you perceive life to be a certain way just based off of what they post on the gram. And then, you know, you meet them and you develop more of a. Closer real life relationship. And then you start sort of peeling back on the layers to the onion and you realize, oh, okay, your life is actually nothing like that.

But they still look like the person they did in real life. I've never met anyone that looks well. I've seen people that might look a little different. But see, I'm in the makeup world, so sometimes you know what makeup looks like online can look, you know, totally different in person. Nothing where I was like gagging.

I don't know, it's not like a psychic thing. And it's not like a, I can read somebody's personality off of what they post online, but sometimes there's certain people you can like Monica Style Muse, like, she seems so cool online.

So like, anytime I, like she pulls up in my speed, I'm like smiling because she's just such a dear and it's such a joy to look. And then I meet her in person. It's the exact same thing, like, but with her it was like, I don't know, I was kind of expecting her to be great in person. Cause like, I kind of felt like I kind of felt her online.

in my former life I was a financial salesperson and I had to do all kinds of like, Things where it's kind of like you wanna marry your personality to the client. So I I, I've come across many situations where I've had to like, kind of adjust my personality to match that with the person that I'm, I'm speaking to, because I'm trying to sell them something.

And that kind of taught me to kind of like deal with different people. So there's been people who I've seen like on YouTube and. Easily talking to the camera and they're like full of life. And then in person, they're, shy, they're more introverted.

And I didn't understand that until I started to try to talk to my camera myself. Yeah. And I couldn't, and I couldn't do it because I was like, Yeah, I can't talk to, I can, obviously, I can talk to the camera, I've done TV stuff, but it's hard for me to be able to connect with just the camera because I look for nonverbal clues.

I look for changes in a person's tone. I look for body language, you know, things like that when I'm speaking to someone. So it helps me to like, like if I, like when I first met Kristen, I think that we were both like, ah, like, like, like right off the bat. Cause we both have. Really like hype personalities, but like, you see how I'm getting like hyped now talking about question, but see like, like if somebody, somebody else was a little more, you know, reserved and introverted, I'm, you know, like how my voice is like going down right now and I might, you know, kind of, yeah.

So it's like play sometimes. Yeah. You play off of them. So I can kind of see how. People can be different online because I kind of see like the, and, and not that I'm saying that there's anything wrong with it. I just feel like sometimes people who may not be able to express themselves in person or in in real life as they say.

I can see how they can take whatever personas like their own Sasha Fears and they picked that Sasha Fierce and put it on the. Yeah. I think personally as a content creator, I think the best compliment that someone can give me when they meet me in real life is, oh my gosh, you're exactly the same person as I watch on YouTube.

Mm-hmm. You're exactly how I thought you would be. And that doesn't mean that like I'm. Always that same person. I'm always on. I'm always like exactly how I am. Like we're all humans. We all definitely have our different emotions. Like if you talk to some of my like best friends that have known me for years, they'd be like, she ain't always like that.

Sometimes she's like moody and just wants to drink in the corner and not talk to anybody like we all. Okay, thank you. But like we all go through our like phases, but I think like if you are able to like connect with your core and just who you are as a person and that's able to translate on camera and someone meets you in real life and, and feels that energy and makes that comment, that to me is like a million.

Instagram followers. Okay. That's what that feels like to me. Yeah. You know, I love it. And to me, and to me, one of the best things, and like you said, that is the best compliment to get, that you're the same as you are online as you are in person. Because I think I, me, I like to be able to meet my. I hate to call people followers, but that's what they're called.

But I, I love to be able to meet my friend, the people that have that, have read my blog for years, watch me on YouTube and you know, follow me on Instagram and things like that. I like to meet those people and it goes back to, cuz it helps me with creating content because it's like you put a face.

To, you know, some of the comments that, that are left and sometimes, you know, people don't leave comments and things like that, so it's kind of hard to gauge. But then you, you, when you meet somebody in person and you know, you see what their personality is like and you see what draws them to you. To me, that's like the best thing ever.

Like if I could, I would just have like an. Every weekend with like five to 10 people that read my blog or watch me on YouTube and just kind of like, just chit-chatting and things like that. Because again, it goes back to why you started your blog. It goes back to knowing your audience. It goes back to, you know, being able to get that insight as to, you know, what you're doing with content and, and the things that you post.

It's really good to hear different people's opinions, especially when it comes to social media, because none. Knew that we'd be living in this world right now where social media plays such a big role in our day-to-day lives, whether it be that you're a content creator or whether it be that.

You are a consumer and because we know how quick this world can change when it comes to social media and what's hot and what's not. I think it's important to understand that when someone says social media popularity can be like having monopoly. the real underlying factor is not to try and cut anyone down.

It's more so to say pay attention. Mm-hmm. If you are a person that's out there that's trying to make money off of your social media, if you're someone who's trying to monetize from your audience, you need to make sure that you're making the right moves so that it's working for.

And it's not just the facade. It's not just that you're in a situation where you're pretending to be someone and pretending to have things that you don't really have. I just wanted to say that your audience is so smart, like I like these comments and you know, everybody's different perception of what I said.

Totally. Yeah. Thank you ladies for joining us. You can keep up with Miss Chris on Instagram at Miss Chris, Instagram and Danielle on Instagram at Style and Beauty doc. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes if you have enjoyed listening to this podcast so far and check out Switch, pivot or for even more personal and professional development resources.

Thanks for hanging with me and as always, keep killing it.

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