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Love First Pop Up Yoga

Yoga is widely practiced, and a great way to get in touch with a special place in your mind and body. We knew that it was a must try when we received an invitation from Bre Scullark, model and certified Yoga instructor via @bre4yoga, to attend the Love First pop up yoga event on Saturday, Oct. 10 in New York. Bre and Mimi of @_LoveFirst partnered to bring an exclusive curated meditation/yoga experience to all that were interested in honoring their self.

Tucked away on an unassuming block we found the La Maison D'Art studio which was transformed into a cozy yoga studio for about twenty women. Bre led the group in a calming meditation, then she taught us a few classic yoga positions. Everyone seemed to be very comfortable although it was clear that most of us were novice at the practice of yoga. Bre guided the group with a calming voice and a welcoming presence.

Sometimes you may have a bit of hesitation about walking into an unfamiliar situation and trying something new, but it's great to put yourself out there and experiment. We had a great time discussing self-care and wellness with all of the wonderful women that we met. Such a great event! The ladies have plans to take the pop up healing and yoga event on the road so look out for them in your city.

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