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Podcast - Find Out Your Worth as a Speaker From the Woman Who Planned a Conference for 250 Women in

Keisha Mabry is the creator of the MastHERclass conference, an in-demand speaker and author who is joining us to share how you can hit stages and share your message too! Keisha, who holds an MBA in entrepreneurship, is also balancing a 9-5 in a strategy and operations role at a non-profit. She takes us through her journey from being in sales to selling herself on stages across the country. She breaks down her beliefs on purpose and passion, how the MastHERclass conference came to life, how she navigated losing mentors and intimidation in pitching the event and secured the bag anyway. You don’t want to miss the number conversation either regarding speaker fees! It’s SO good!

What we're talking about:

  • How her signature greeting, Hey friend, came to be

  • How her first job selling mats and mops still helps her today

  • Getting an NBA in Entrepreneurship and having 5 jobs in 7 years

  • Why purpose and passion are not interchangeable for her

  • Being a student and how that helps her

  • How she planned and executed a major conference in 5 weeks

  • Real numbers that she negotiates for speaker fees

Quit Playing Small Book -

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