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Podcast - From Magazines and Music to Becoming an Actress with RaVal Davis

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from RaVal Davis, an actress, host, and body positive advocate who transitioned from a career in digital music marketing.

We're talking about:

  • Early days of working in the magazine and music industry

  • Walking on fire with Tony Robbins

  • How Orange is the New Black inspired her

  • The key question from her therapist that changed the game for her

Quit Playing Small Book -

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RaVal Davis's journey from magazines and music to becoming an actress sounds fascinating! It's always inspiring to hear about individuals who pursue their passions and transition into new creative fields. Podcasts like this offer valuable insights into the diverse paths people take in their careers and the lessons they learn along the way. I'm sure listeners will find RaVal's story both entertaining and enlightening. Learn more about monetization strategies on Spotify and become a successful musician.

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