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Podcast - Getting Coached to a Better Mindset + Success with Coach Keren Eldad

This week we chat with Karen Eldad, a business coach & speaker. Coach Keren talks to us about being a trusted advisor to industry-leading executives and superstar entrepreneurs. Over the last three years, this self-proclaimed extrovert Keren has worked with top organizations including: J.P. Morgan, Christian Dior/LVMH, Van Cleef & Arpels and more. Keren shares how she navigated changing careers during the decline of media publishing and a personal life in turmoil. Find out why she says pray for a shit-storm in life and so much more in this fast-paced chat!

What we're talking about:

  • Her journey from being the child of diplomats to living in New York running a coaching business

  • Working in media at companies like Cosmopolitan

  • How she went from thinking that self-help was a joke to working in the space

  • Why she took 26 coaching programs and what it did for her

  • Reframing the story playing in your head

  • Not getting message when you are stuck and in a comfort zone

Quit Playing Small Book -

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