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Podcast - Bringing Out Your Inner Bosswoman with Marty McDonald

On this episode we chat with the newest podcaster to join the Mayzie Media podcast network, Marty McDonald, a side-hustler turned CEO of Boss Women Media. Marty is on a mission to connect with women who want more. But not a little more…Big More! With an MBA in hand, she is helping to facilitate action toward establishing dreams and building businesses by creating activations like the multi-city Black Girl Magic tour which partnered with Sugarfina, and Boss Woman of the Year, which has featured special guests like Angela Rye and Melissa Butler of the Lip Bar.

What we're talking about:

  • Feeling like an outsider in the corporate world

  • Taking your partner into consideration with big life changes

  • What she did when her CMO told her to rethink her resignation

  • Day in the life of corporate vs entrepreneurship

  • How she segments her days/work

  • How data drives revenue

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