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Podcast - The Underbelly of Women's Empowerment Is a Scam ft Amber L. Wright

On this episode we have a raw chat about women’s empowerment elements like navigating rates for services, what it takes to truly empower other women, where we are falling short and how we can do better with Amber L. Wright, communication expert, certified life coach, and speaker. This is a can’t miss conversation between two colleagues and friends who are talking shop and allowing you to listen in like a fly on the wall…it gets juicy!

Amber’s podcast - Words Well Said

What we're talking about:

  • Empowerment is a scam because not everyone holds up their end of the bargain

  • They want all of our Black Girl Magic but rarely want to pay for it

  • Women in business must do better

  • You’re telling us to go get the bag on the one hand yet being stingy with the bag on the other hand

Quit Playing Small Book -

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