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Podcast - Enough Money to go Around with Teami Blends Founder Adi Arezzini

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Adi Arezzini the Founder + CEO of Teami™ Blends who discovered a void in the health and wellness space during her time in the Israeli Army. Post army, her journey began with personal training and spin instructing. Adi walks us through her journey to running a lucrative health and wellness business that see celebrities like Cardi B using her products. She also gives us a look behind the curtain breaking down marketing tactics as well as the details of what the first year of business really entailed from when she could finally pay herself to how she started making her first sales. She also shares her main secret sauce to success!

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What we talked about:

  • Identifying a problem of your own and making a business out of it

  • How to select a complimentary business partner

  • Learning how to utilize e-commerce in your business

  • A breakdown of her first year in business

  • At what point she was finally able to start paying herself

  • How she knows there’s enough money to go around

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