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Podcast - An Incredible Journey to Launch with Nicole Clark Part 2

Photo credit:I Find It Incredible

This week we finish off our candid Kiki with my friend Nicole Clark aka Nic, who is a London-based connector and creator as well as a full-time vice president for a top investment bank. She walks us through her journey to launch her biggest side-project to date. Her story is filled with learning, uncertainty, trusting and so much more. When in the belly of the beast faced with the option of transition, Nic soothed her soul through travel and exploration. She shares how her methods led her to finding things that she is passionate about. We went behind the scenes on how she became the Incredible Connector.

What we’re talking about:

  • Sacrificing for execution

  • Trusting outside of yourself

  • Creating community

  • Not falling victim to perfection

  • Believing in your vision

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