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Podcast - The Ultimate Guide to Interviewing and Solving All Your Issues with Heather McCollum of B

On this episode we’re chatting with Heather McCollum, a Human Resource expert and Chief Facilitator at Better HR. Her journey has taken her to large and mid-sized companies, such as Pepsi Bottling Group, The Walt Disney Company and more. Heather gives us a treasure chest full of relatable and actionable information to help navigate HR as an employee and a business owner. We dive into specific scenarios like trying to get a manager fired, what happens during an economic downturn and she tells us the real that also provides prospective.

What we are talking about:

  • Protecting your job in an economic downtown

  • How to use a performance review to your advantage

  • The unknown about what HR really is

  • What an employee advocate’s role is

  • The reactive vs the proactive employee

  • Navigating being an acquired employee in an managerial situation

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