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Podcast - How to Curate Your LinkedIn and Uncover Your Power Presence

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Kailei Carr CEO of The Asbury Group and host of the podcast Beyond the Business Suit. This chat will be unique because not only will we hear from Kailei as she shares her story of tough decisions and life changes; we will also have the pleasure of an SPQ VIP, Charmane Freeman-Greene, joining us to ask Kailei a few pressing questions of her own! Get ready to dive in and take notes because there are plenty of awesome tips from insights on LinkedIn to how to craft your professional approach and appearance for upward mobility.

Kailei’s website:

What we’re talking about:

  • Navigating personal life and professional opportunities

  • Finding the balance between listening to your head and your heart

  • Tips on how to curate your LinkedIn page

  • Assessing how you show up in professional environments

  • Uncovering the elements of your power presence

  • Sound advice on dealing with a challenging manager

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