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Podcast - How To Create a Successful Life + A Beautiful Brand With Tieko Nejon

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Tieko Nejon, a Branding Expert, Speaker and Entrepreneur. This former Algebra teacher who rocks tattoos and a signature baldie goes right in and keeps it candid with us about the life experiences that have shaped the woman that she is today. From growing up in a challenging environment in South Central Los Angeles to experiencing sexual assault, Tieko gives insight on how to win at life despite facing challenges. We are talking about how to not just live authentically but how you actually achieve that goal among so much more. She may have a flawless brand online but everything about her and what she brings to this world is beautiful both inside and out.

What we’re talking about:

  • Rising up from adversity and unexpected life experiences

  • Her tips for adulting better by living your truth

  • We dive into her theory on fear

  • Breaking down the difference between a vocational calling and a life calling

  • The idea of not getting over something but learning to move with

  • Tips for creating a life that you feel is successful

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