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Podcast - A Woman in Tech + Founder of Stilettos-N-Screwdrivers with Toni Robinson

On this episode of the SPQ Chat we hear from Toni Robinson, a former Revenue Equipment Maintainer with the New York City Transit Authority who turned her skill in tech into an entrepreneurial endeavor as the Founder of Stilettos-N-Screwdrivers, a Mobile Electronic Repair Company. Toni chats with us about learning to balance business with her wife and mother responsibilities, knowing when to walk away and when to step up to the challenge as well as her personal care routine and so much more. This tech diva will share you how she does it all while still looking flawless operating in a male dominated industry!

What we’re talking about:

  • Working in a male dominated industry

  • Dealing with doubt or hesitation from a partner or spouse regarding your dreams

  • Deciding when to take the leap

  • Personal care routines

  • Tips for balancing it all

  • How she learned to move different with her finances upon becoming an entrepreneur

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“I definitely felt that something needed to happen, I was stagnant.” - Toni Robinson

“Even though the job paid well, I still felt like I needed to do something else.” - Toni Robinson

“I don’t mind someone telling me no.” - Toni Robinson


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