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Podcast - Real Talk Strategies To Get You A Promotion With Terra Winston

This week we’re chatting with Terra Winston, an entrepreneur, leadership consultant, executive coach and Principal of inTerract Consulting with 20 years of business consulting experience, an MBA from Stanford and coaching certification from CTI. A life-long learner, Terra walks us through figuring out your triggers, the role fear plays in our next steps and how introverts can get ahead. She touches on the idea of how being in service of others can help you get ahead as well as how to leverage your skills and change careers without starting at the bottom. This is the gut check conversation that you need to listen to if you’re looking to advance professionally.

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What we’re talking about:

  • How to deal when it feels like something is missing

  • How introverts can get ahead

  • Work-life balance for high achievers

  • How to identify your core strengths

  • Strategies for getting that big promotion

  • Tips on how to change careers and avoid starting from the bottom

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“The business world is designed for extroverts.” - Terra Winston

“The next level job that you want is about a new set of skills, so if you’re not demonstrating the new set of skills for this next job, then why should I give you the next opportunity?”- Terra Winston


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