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Podcast: SPQ Chat - From President of the NULYP to FEMA Spokesperson with Brandi Richard

On this episode, host Ahyiana Angel chats with Brandi Richard, a mother, innovator, entrepreneur, author and advocate. She earned the distinction of being the first to hold the office of President for two consecutive terms of the National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) and currently serves as a Public Affairs Officer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). She has a passion to advocate for women and girls and has recently added author to her title with the release of her book Operation Growth. Among other compelling gems of advice, Brandi also breaks down how frustration and feeling stuck in one position led her to a community service side-hustle, which ultimately assisted her in developing the necessary skills to perform her current role.

Brandi’s website Link:

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What we’re talking about:

  • Learning lessons from making mistakes in navigating her career

  • Tips on how to start a public speaking career

  • How an elevator pitch can serve the corporate climber

  • Why she felt called to write her book, Operation Growth

  • Dealing with feeling stuck within an organization

  • How she went from operating the phones at FEMA during Hurricane Katrina to now being a spokesperson for FEMA

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“Every single good thing that has come to me has come as a result of preliminary planning.” - Brandi Richard

“There are times when the waiting is not the thing to do.” - Brandi Richard

“When you switch and take a new position you have a great opportunity to decide, okay I’m going to be a different type of employee, I going to be a different type of leader in that space.” - Brandi Richard


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