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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Christina Topacio

This month we're celebrating Women's History Month! Lucky for us we were able to catch up with a woman set on making history, Christina Topacio, former Marketing and Communications Director and blogger at Profresh Style. She's now taking her talents offline (just a bit) as the woman behind the new community for creative, entrepreneurial women Jig+Saw, an all female co-working space in Los Angeles. During our chat we find out what it takes to be a true boss, what Christina learned pitching potential investors and more! You don't want to miss this revealing interview where we really cover it all from fear to success and dreams to actions.

What we're talking about:

  • How to navigate living in fear

  • The realities of financial responsibility in chasing your dream job

  • The importance of sharing and talking about your ideas

Check out Christina on Instagram at @Profreshstyle and check out Jig+Saw on IG @jigplussaw or visit the website

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"You can't live in fear that someone will take the [your] idea. If they take your was never your idea to begin with." - @profreshstyle #LATHpodcast

"There is a niche for everyone and everyone serves a purpose." - @profreshstyle #LATHpodcast

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