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Pick My Brain Sessions

Ahyiana opens up her schedule select days of the week to make 60 minute one-on-one Pick My Brain sessions available. She uses a unique hybrid of consulting and coaching to provide insight and guidance. During the sessions, participants can ask Ahyiana any questions related to their specific situations. 

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Ashley Nicole Kirkwood, Esq.

How has your experience been since working with Ahyiana?

I hired Ahyiana to teach me how to edit and start [my podcast] - best money ever spent. I love my podcast and it’s helped my speaking business grow a lot. I've already made money from it and it's helped me grow my audience big time. She's awesome! Thank you!

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During your session, did you gain any insights, knowledge or tools that you didn’t have before?

Yes, I received advice on developing a routine and tools to assist me with following through on commitments to myself.  What began as a PMB about "work" ended up being a PMB about life.  I felt lighter after speaking with Ahyiana because I no longer had to carry the unnecessary weight of what my posts would be about.  Instead  I received feedback to just live out live Ahyiana reminded me of my true original goal of self discovery and improvement.  She could've easily fed me info on content suggestions and jumped off of the call but she looked deeper.  She heard my needs and leaned in to make sure I received advice on a better path for growth.

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What did you like best about working with Ahyiana?

Her straightforwardness. I went into the session with one thing in mind and was quickly redirected to something that made much more sense for the content I've created. What I like the best was how generous she was sharing information that actually helped me to create a clear outline with actionable steps. 



  • Digital marketing tips

  • Website review and feedback

  • Social media review

  • Developing a target audience

  • Personal Development

  • Identifying what you really want​

  • Tools to uncover your next professional move

  • Discovering what's holding you back

  • Learn how to podcast

  • Turn your blog into a podcast

  • Discuss how to monetize your podcast

  • New business ideas  

  • Business start up process

  • ​Marketing + promoting your business

  • Public relations 

  • How to pitch + land publicity 

  • Building a brand image

  • Social media strategy

  • Book publishing  

  • Traditional publishing steps​​

  • Self publishing process

  • ​Marketing + promoting your book

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Pick My Brain Review - Katharine

Let's Work!

From revamping your LinkedIn to working through your new business idea, do you need to talk it through with someone who understands your ambition, someone who can be a quality sounding board while offering strategic insights? 

"The greater danger 

for most of us lies not 

in setting our aim too 

high and falling short,

but in setting our aim 

too low, and achieving our mark."

- Michelangelo

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What was the biggest challenge you were dealing with before your Pick My Brain Session with Ahyiana?


I wanted clear strategy for moving forward with my new brand.  The session with Ahyiana was very helpful. She pushed me with her questions and also was encouraging and clear with her guidance. It made me feel empowered, and my goals seem much more achievable. 


Entertainment PR

10 years working in entertainment PR from Los Angeles to New York

Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast

Created the podcast featuring high profile business women. Featured by Girlboss “The 6 Best Podcasts To Listen To For Career Advice”

Publicist at NBA

Managed everything from large scale NBA All-Star red carpets in Los Angeles to arranging media interviews and photo shoots for high profile athletes and executives

Mayzie Media Founder

Launches a podcast network which produces content specifically for women 

Jewelry Line


Co-Creator of a buzz worthy jewelry line featured by Vogue magazine and worn by Pop Icon Beyoncé

Preseason Love Book

Without prior experience, in four months Ahyiana secured a traditional publishing deal with Simon & Schuster


If you feel like you have more to offer but you're stuck on how to share your skills with the world, let's chat!

Sign up to work with me one-on-one or as a group to strategize on your professional goals, create plans and breakout into your greatness! 

Email for group rate inquiries.

I was invited to conduct a special mastermind breakfast in New York with the Purpoint Group. It was an intimate experience that took place over the course of several hours. Below you will hear from some of the women that participated.   

Working with Ahyiana was a great experience. There was no time wasted. She took the time to dig into the work I had already done to come up with questions and action steps that were specific and pointed. She was able to cut through the fluff and get to the real issues and share the true realities while still providing guidance for the way forward.

- Alex-Ann G.

Pick My Brain Review - Starr Davis .png

My personal experience on ‘Position on Purpose Mastermind’ was such a positive, moving, humbling experience for me.  It was such an honor to be in such good company. 


The question was repeatedly asked “how do you want to show up in the world?” And to be honest I want to show up just like the wonderful women I had the pleasure of meeting: relatable, vulnerable, determined and compassionate.


I thought Ahyiana was no joke/no nonsense while still being a breath of fresh air when she gave us tips and a wealth of knowledge in how to be successful on our road to entrepreneurship but most importantly showing up for ourselves as women. 


I loved the ‘Can We Talk’ ice breaker. This activity gave me a lot of insight on where I am in my life and currently lacking to push forward and how to attain the goal of ‘showing up’ by being a positive light to others in my way of being through my actions and how I speak.


Attending this breakfast has really opened my eyes and given me a drive to “do my work.”


- Martine D.

Walking into that mastermind breakfast I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I had to be there, and I’m so happy I was. I l didn’t have the funds needed but raised my faith and was “Bold in my Ask” and got a seat at the table. 


Ahyiana thank you for the taking the time to sit and talk with me, it was needed. I left that breakfast with a better understanding of how to achieve my goals for 2019 and my future on a whole.

- Niesha W.

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